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We are a group of gamers dedicated to growing and promoting the board game hobby and those who enjoy it. Tom Vasel, Sam Healey, Zee Garcia, and many others produce weekly videos of hundreds of different games each year. Additionally, Eric Summerer, Suzanne Sheldon, Mandi Hutchinson, and Tom produce a weekly podcast all about games and the people who play them. We also produce a news podcast, Board Game Breakfast and other variety shows, a series of popular "Top Ten" list videos, shopping guides, and more! All of this can be found at our website -


Our show gets a majority of its funding from our Kickstarter campaign each year. We have four full-time employees (Tom, Sam, Zee, and our editor, Derek), as well as a part-time webmaster and Eric. Last year, our focus was on getting our own studio.  This year, our goals are

  • Improve live streaming, both in quantity and quality
  • Have amazing convention coverage
  • Increase the quality of our current Youtube shows

 We're asking for your help as we pursue our goal of covering the entire world of board games. We have a myriad of cool rewards, but we hope that your main goal in supporting this campaign is to keep The Dice Tower going. We are dedicated to keeping the show and our videos free for download and viewing, and appreciate those who join us in that goal.



The following promos (all with Add-on in the background) each have their own pledge level, but also can be added to a regular pledge.  Simply add the amount to your pledge, and you can choose which ones you want at the end of the campaign.

Get our new logos as stickers - five choices!  (use responsibly).

(Add-on; US - $10; World - $15)

 Get 52 custom Time's Up! cards.  That's 104 names - you can play a complete game with these!  Names will be chosen by both the Dice Tower staff and by YOU! (via poll).

(Add-on; US - $10; World - $15)

A sticker showing all our new mascots - great as a bumper sticker!

(Add-on; US - $15; World - $20)

At PAX Unplugged, we had a new pin there, for Pinny Arcade trading.  We have a few of them left - get them before they are gone for good!

(Add-on; US - $15; World - $20)

 We have two new types of dice this year, each with the six side replaced with the Dice Tower logo as above.  Note:  the dice are going to look different than the first picture slightly.   (Add-on; US - $15; World - $20)

 A pair of coasters with our Dice Tower logo on them, and a nice felt bottom.  High quality!

A pair of metal dice, in one of the colors above.  You can't pick the color, but both dice will be the same.

Each year, we have a new playmat for you to play your card games on!

Playmat dimensions are 23.75" x 14"

(Add-on; US - $25; World - $35)

 A bag to carry your games around in!

Game bag dimensions are 15" by 13.5" by 10" - cloth material.

(Add-on; US - $25; World - $35)

Are you tired of those money cards?  Tom is, so he made a replacement set you can use in your games.

Money card distribution:  25 x 1, 15 x 3, 20 x 5, 20 x 10, 16 x 25, 12 x 100.

(Add-on - $30; World - $40)

Tom and his family will sign and send you a Christmas card in 2018!  Or, we can send a birthday card to someone, as long as we have two months warning.  

(Add-on - $40; World - $45)

Pick one of these two card holders, which can hold multiple decks of cards!



 Choose one of the six dice towers shown above!

Get one of each sticker, including the bumper sticker.

(Add-on - $60; World - $70)

 Eric Summerer will use his golden voice to record you a voicemail of your choosing! (No commercial work, please).  Note:  This reward can NOT be an add-on.

You get a nod in the credits of ten of our videos over 2018.  It can be for you, a friend, a company - just a quick text shoutout at the end of several videos.

  We'll make you a video for your birthday, or anniversary, or whatever you want - a few minutes long.  (A month or so is needed in advance so we can schedule making them.)

 A full set of the eight different colored metal dice, one of each!

(Add-on; US - $90; World - $100)

Very rare!  I only have 15 of these left!  These were made for us by Iron Die, the mold is gone, and I'm putting ten of them here if you want them!  Note: this reward can NOT be an add-on.



 If you get Promo Packs A, B, C, D, and/or E, we'll send you a digital file of a brand new Gloomhaven scenario, designed just for backers of the Dice Tower campaign!

Can also be added onto any other pledge for $5



 A new driver card for Downforce, from Restoration Games!

A pack of cards for Sheriff of Nottingham.  1 Prince John's Pig, 12 Pigs, and 1 Prince John's Sword - from Arcane Wonders!

A variant art card for the game, along with some new rules, from IDW!

 A randomizer and pack of six cards for Aeon's End, from Indie Boards and Cards!

A pack of cards for Century: Spice Road from Plan B Games! (note: these will be different than last years' promos)

Two brand new cards for Onitama, from Arcane Wonders!

Two promo cards for Viral, from Arcane Wonders!

A pack of 3 new promo cards from an upcoming expansion, from Stronghold Games and FryxGames!

  A new scoring card for Bunny Kingdom from IELLO!




 A new epic creature and 3 card Valkyries Blessing Set for Champions of Midgard: Valhalla, from Grey Fox Games!

 Four new cards for Deception: Murder in Hong Kong (Gaming Bag, Velvet Rope, Cowboy Hat, Headphones).  From Grey Fox Games!

A pack of three identical cards for the Masters of Elements expansion for Vikings Gone Wild!  From Lucky Duck Games.

A new castle layout for Dragon Castle from Horrible Games!

 4 Clue Cards and 2 art cards for Muse, from Quick Simple Fun Games!

Stickers for Kingdomino meeples, that look like some video reviewers you might know!  From Blue Orange Games.

A promo card for Star Realms!

 A new set of recipes for Scoville from Tasty Minstrel Games! 

   A new promo pack that can work with both Catacombs and Castles and Catacombs!

A new special order for Pie Town, from Renegade Game Studios! 




A new card for Pursuit of Happiness from Artipia Games.

Our new secret base tile for Exodus Proxima Centauri, from NSKN Games!

A new custom fable card for Grimm Forest from Druid City Games!

 An 8 card promo pack for Alien Artifacts from Portal Games.

Five double-sided customizable cards for When I Dream from Repos Productions.

3 never before seen cards from Dinosaur Island from Pandasaurus Games!

Three never before seen cards for Wasteland Express Delivery Service from Pandasaurus Games!

 Two new characters for use with Near and Far, from Red Raven Games.




A promo card for the upcoming game Endless Pass from Wizkids.

A promo tile for use with Cyclades: Monuments from Matagot!

 Two promo figures (and cards) for Zombicide: Black Plague from CMON!

 Alternative artwork for the "Hard Shell" card for the popular game Evolution, from North Star Games.




A pack of question cards we created for Hive Mind, from Calliope Games!

A pack of 34 bonus cards for Vast, from Leder Games!




Available Rewards:

Support the Dice Tower

Thank you for your support!

You can purchase all available add-ons at this level.


Gloomhaven Scenario

This is for those who just want the Gloomhaven Scenario.

$10USD + Shipping


Get one of our Dice Tower stickers! (Tom, Eric, Mandi, Suzanne)

$10USD + Shipping

Time's Up Card Pack

Get a custom pack of Time's Up cards - for the original game, chosen by both the Dice Tower staff and by you! (via poll)

$15USD + Shipping

Bumper Sticker

Get the whole Dice Tower gang on a sticker!

$15USD + Shipping

Pair of Dice

Get a custom pair of plastic Dice Tower dice!

$25USD + Shipping

Game Bag

Get our new Dice Tower Bag in which you can carry a pile of games to your gaming event!

$25USD + Shipping

Metal Dice Tower Dice

A pair of our metal dice. You can't pick the color, but both will be the same color.

$25USD + Shipping

Pair of Dice Tower Coasters

Get two coasters to keep your drinks from ruining your games!

$25USD + Shipping


Get our newly designed for 2018 Dice Tower playmat!

$30USD + Shipping

Money Cards

One set of the Dice Tower Money Packs to replace the pesky paper money that some games still include? Why?!!!

$40USD + Shipping

Card Holder

Get one of our custom card holders - which can hold a couple decks during your next game.

$40USD + Shipping

Merry Christmas! (or birthday)

Get a Christmas card from the Vasel family during Christmas season 2018. Or a birthday card, as long as we have at least one month's notice.

$50USD + Shipping

Dice Tower dice tower

Get one of our different themed dice towers, all new for 2018! You can choose which one you want at the end of the campaign.


Video Credit

Get a written shoutout in ten of our videos over the course of 2018!

$60USD + Shipping

Set of Stickers

Get all five stickers, plus the Dice Tower bumper sticker!


Custom Video

Want Sam, Tom, and Zee to wish you happy birthday, or congratulations, or another personal message? Get this for yourself or a friend! Needs to be scheduled at least 2 months ahead of time.

$90USD + Shipping

Set of Metal Dice

One of each metal dice - one of each color!

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